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You are the best at what you do. You deserve to work for a mission driven company that recognizes your worth. Spencer and his team will find the opportunity for you and give you the support you need to get hired.
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Like a Hollywood talent agent, we represent you. Together, we will uncover exactly what you want out of your next job. Then, my team and we will do everything necessary to put excellent job-offers in front of you including re-writing your CV and speaking with recruiters on your behalf. Represented clients sign offers for 17-40% pay-increases at organizations they believe in. Learn more.
Spencer leads a popular group coaching program that will teach you the most effective job-hunt strategy and give you the same powerful exercises and tools he uses with his 1:1 clients at a fraction of the cost. Learn more and sign up for the next cohort.
Get targeted help with your job-hunt including resume templates, LinkedIn guidance, and interview preparation tools.  For a nominal fee, agency researchers can find you relevant jobs and apply on your behalf. Learn more.

We also have free resources for all job-seekers on common job-search topics.
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About Spencer
Spencer has made his career in Africa guiding CEOs on the best ways to recruit. He's interviewed 1000 people and helped hundreds of people land a meaningful job as a recruiter, hiring manager, team leader and executive. Today, he works directly with top talent, like a Hollywood agent, to help them get the job they deserve. He also teaches courses to founders and team leaders on the art and science of talent acquisition.

Spencer started his career as a volunteer teacher in the Peace Corps in Ghana and is motivated to make a strong positive impact. At One Acre Fund, he led recruitment innovation, eventually managing a global team of 30.

Most recently a VP for Global Talent Acquisition he has supported hiring in Lagos, Kigali, Nairobi, London, Boston, Amsterdam, Hyderabad and Delhi.

Spencer loves language learning, cooking and his dog, Chai.He holds a bachelor's degree in Economics and Math from Michigan State University.
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