Meet Your Talent Agent
Your favorite actor has a Talent Agent that represents her.

Spencer Campbell Talent Agency was born with a simple question: Why not provide that same service to the do-gooders of the world?

Our team represents talented people globally. They are an impressive and diverse group of executives, Finance pros, M&E experts, Product Managers and People professionals.

What do they have in common? They are all seeking to make a real impact on the world. To work on the toughest challenges in health, climate, education and poverty alleviation.

If you know your work can make a difference, we want to help you get everything you deserve.
Be Represented - How It Works
Understand Your Needs and Story
We work for you, not any employer. Our relationship begins with getting to know exactly what you want out of your next job. We'll work together to map out what you want and how you'll get it.
Market Research & Fit
Know your worth! The agency will conduct extensive research to understand where your skills and interest meet demand from impact employers. Our team will share realistic salary ranges for your desired roles. With expert guidance, you'll only ever apply for roles that meet match your skills, interests and salary target.
(re)Writing your CV & Cover Letter
With your input and approval, your agent prepares everything needed to kick off the job-search including Cover Letters, Resumés, LinkedIn Profiles and answers to common job application form.
Get Connected to Jobs
We'll use our network, connections and traditional application strategies to identify the best-fit job opportunities. We'll meet together one-on-one regularly over the course of your search.
Interview Preparation
Spencer has interviewed 1000 people personally and taught courses on interviewing to recruiters, hiring managers and CEOs. He will show you how to share your story effectively in practice interviews.
Offer Negotation
The team will get you everything you deserve with savvy negotiation. We'll coach you on exactly what to say on the phone with the hiring team and in emails. You'll go into any negotiation confident and prepared. Get exactly what you want. By negotiating effectively, past have won salary increases of 17--40%.over their last salary.
Testimonials - Why Work with Spencer
More than anything, I'm motivated to help good people find meaningful work in jobs that treat them well.
What Does This Cost?
15% of your gross salary for 12 months.
e.g. $15,000 if you sign a job offer for $100,000 annually

$1595 deposit, fully refundable for our first 45 days of work together

  • $1595 deposit
    What you pay during the search is credited toward your total amount owed.
  • $4000 at job offer
    When you sign your new job offer, you'll pay a second tranche.
  • Payment plan
    You'll have 12 months to pay the full fee once you start your new job.
  • 45-day refund
    If you aren't happy with the service, get a full refund of your deposit within the first 6 weeks.
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