Build the Recruiting Team that Lets You Scale The Right Way
Why Spencer - For Founders and Team Leaders
Build a Recruiting Function ready for scale
Unapologetic Excellence
If you want to hire mediocre people, work with someone else. Using our courses, content and consulting, you'll build a recruiting team with world-class standards and execution.
True Partnership
We're in a People business. We work directly with you and your team 1:1, day-in, day-out as true members of your team. We are invested in you.
A System that Works.
Almost anyone can make one good hire. But hiring 100s of people well requires a systemic approach rooted in sound psychology, rigorous assessment and repeatable processes. There are no shortcuts but we will show you how to do it.
Spencer has worked for global mission-driven firms with a big footprint in Africa like One Acre Fund, NewGlobe Schools, MyAgro, architecting recruiting systems that underpin millions in impact.
Should I Work With Spencer?
  • Hiring is too slow at my firm.
  • Hiring is a barrier for us achieving our OKRs.
  • I have recently or will soon close a Series A or significant funding round.
  • I have 30+ open roles at my system.
  • I'm thinking about hiring a head of Talent Acquisition/Recruiting for the first time
  • I'm considering buying an applicant tracking system, LinkedIn Recruiter package or other significant Recruiting software that costs more than 10,000 USD per year.
Get in touch.
Recruiting is an art and science. Let's talk about how you can hire the team you need to make a difference.