Real Help for Job-Seekers
Accelerate Your Job Search
Job Search Tools: Spencer's Advice, Resume Template and so much more.
A suite of tools, templates, and exercises to help you kick off your search or get it back on track. These are the same materials we use with Agency clients to help them find their perfect job.

  • recordings of Impact Career Clinic - Spencer will teach you his job-search method. 6 sessions, 220 slides, more than 5 hours of content on networking, resumes LinkedIn, interviewing and negotiation.
  • Tested Exercises like The Power of My Strengths (for your resume rewrite), The Power of My Loose Ties (for networking) and my Interview Prep Workbook
  • Recruiter-Friendly LinkedIn Overhaul Checklist - make your profile a powerful tool in your job-hunt.
  • Effortlessly Readable Resume Template & 4 Demonstration Resumes. See my resume and the winning documents I've co-written with past agency clients.
  • 20+ additional resources (more than 80 pages) on networking, job-searching, interviewing and negotiation. Spencer has spent hundreds of hours writing and compiling the best advice out there on job-hunting for his forthcoming book. All of this is included at no extra charge.
Apply for Me: 10 Jobs Package
Agency staff will source and, with your approval, apply for 10 targeted jobs that meet your profile.

With Apply For Me:
  • Agency staff learn your profile and wishes for your next role and research on your behalf to find suitable opportunities. 
  • We prepare all required application materials - custom cover letters, and answers to application questions. For a resume rewrite, please purchase the Job Search Tools package.
  • We identify employees at the target companies who may be receptive to speaking with you - helping you get employee referrals (and potentially a boost in your interview chances!).

We can't guarantee job offers or interviews as a result of this service. We will advise you if your expectations are not reasonable and will provide a full refund if we don't believe we can help you or you aren't satisfied with the initial jobs identified.

60-minute Coaching Session
One-on-one discussion with Spencer on any topic. A booking link for his calendar will be emailed to you after purchase. You can also purchase and book directly from Calendly at the link provided.
Value Package: Tools, 2x Coaching Sessions, 10 Job Applications
Get everything bundled at a significant savings. This is the ideal package for a motivated job-seeker who wants the best the agency has to offer at the best price.

  • Job Search Tools: Receive all of Spencer's best advice, tools, and exercises
  • Apply For Me: 10 Targeted Job Applications + Employee Contacts
  • Coaching: 2 Sessions, including resume and LinkedIn page feedback

Refund Policy

Digital Products - No refunds available. Please do not share the materials without permission from the Talent Agency.

Apply For Me - If you are unhappy with the first 3 jobs identified, a full refund will be provided. After you accept 3 or more jobs, you can request a partial refund for unused jobs in your package at the standard per-job rate.

Coaching - No refunds available.

Interested in being represented by Spencer Campbell Talent Agency?
I represent a small group of changemakers each year. Over several weeks, we'll work together to discover your perfect job and close it.

In addition to receiving all of the services outlined above, I'll tap my personal network of connections and introduce you directly to hiring teams.

Available by application only. The fee is 15% of your new 1st year salary.
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