Impact Careers Clinic
Your ideal job is out there. Let's find it together.
Transform your job-search in 6 weeks. Find work with real purpose. Starts at 565 USD
The next Impact Careers Clinic starts September 2
6 weeks of laser-focused group coaching from Spencer Campbell and Nick Martin. Meet fellow job-hunters and working recruiters. This is a practical, powerful way to start or restart your search!
Top Quality Materials
Use the same tools, templates, and guides that agency clients pay thousands of dollars for. More than 50 pages of materials are included with your tuition.
Expert Advice
Hear from working recruiters and headhunters, LinkedIn experts and others in practical, focused sessions.
Your Community
Access a network of peers who share your purpose and are as impressive as you are.
A Fast Job Hunt is Built on the Right Job Search Skills. Master them with help from Nick Martin and Spencer Campbell
Nick Martin's approach to LinkedIn has supercharged his business, built a following of 250,000+ people and earned recognition as a leading expert in the world on the platform. His work has helped thousands of job-seekers like you. Nick teaches a LinkedIn for Social Impact course on LinkedIn Learning. He routinely educates CEOs, non-profit leaders and other on the platform.

Spencer Campbell has seen it all with his 1:1 executive job-seeking clients at his talent agency. They only pay him after he lands them the job of their dreams. Building on his long career in social impact recruitment, Spencer has distilled the key job-hunt lessons down to a strategy anyone can follow.

Nick and Spencer want to share their expertise with more people. That's why they are collaborating on the Impact Careers Clinic.
Testimonials - Why Work with Spencer
Impact Careers Clinic: What's Covered?
6 Weeks of Group Coaching, Exercises and Support

All sessions take place on Monday at 16:00 CET and run 60-75 minutes - topics, speakers and coverage subject to change
Week 1
Job-Seeking 101 - A Fool-proof plan to get exactly what you want.

Companion Materials: Power of My Strengths exercise to help you identify the best content to highlight on your CV and resumes and HOW.
Week 2
Networking Clinic: Why, How and Who of Effective Networking

Companion Materials: Networking 101 exercise, templates for outreach on LinkedIn to anyone
Week 3
Resume Clinic: Say Less

Companion Materials: Resume Template + 4 Demonstration Resumes
Week 4
LinkedIn For Job-Seekers - led by Nick Martin

Companion Materials: Recruiter Friendly LinkedIn Checklist
Week 5
Interview Clinic: Mock Interviews and Q&A with Working Headhunters and Recruiters.

Companion Materials: Interview Prep Worksheet, List of Common Interview Questions, Demo of ChatGPT-powered interview Prep.
Week 6
Negotiation Clinic: Knowledge is Bargaining Power

Companion Materials: Foolproof guide to salary negotiation

Who Should Apply For the Impact Careers Clinic?
  • Currently Employed
    This Clinic is best for those who are currently in a job and are actively hunting for the next one.
  • Focused on Social Impact
    In Human Resources, Finance, Development, Marketing/Communications, Operations, Product, Engineering or Data Analytics
  • 5+ years of Professional Experience
    New Graduates will not be accepted into the Clinic.
  • Open to New Ideas
    The best students are 'coachable' and willing to take risks and try different approaches.
What Does It Cost?
Straightforward pricing for mid-career professionals
For Any Job Seeker
Free tools and information
  • Tools and Writings available on my website.
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Impact Careers Clinic
Focused Group Coaching and Materials
  • 6 Sessions of Group Coaching with Spencer and Nick
  • Companion Materials: Resume template, LinkedIn Overhaul, Strengths Scan, Network Scan, Interview Prep + Negotiation ($249 Value, also available for purchase separately)

Connect with working recruiters and headhunters in your field to advance your job-hunt.

A valuable network of peers in social impact.
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Clinic + Impact Coach
Group Coaching + 1:1 Support
All Careers Clinic group sessions

All Digital Tools

  • TWO 1:1 sessions with an Impact Coach on any topics.
  • Get expert customized advice and support with your search from your choice of 20 career coaches and experts via Impact Coach. Learn more here
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Impact Coach Collaboration
Impact Coach is the best coach matching platform for social impact job-seekers. As part of this collaboration with SCTA, get 2 1:1 coaching sessions and other exclusive benefits.
  • Two 1:1 Sessions with Your Coach
    Cover any topic in 60 minute 1:1 sessions with your choice of coaches. See all coaches here.
  • Targeted, Focused Sessions
    Impact Coaches understand what you are looking for in this sector and work with other clients just like you.
  • Empathetic, meaningful support.
    A great coach can help you break through on issues and challenges you struggle with alone.
  • Curated Job-Leads
    Get up to 5 job-leads for relevant opportunities from a (human) curator.
Money Back Guarantee
And all the Fine Print
If participating in the course does not lead you to an interview for a well-matched job, I will refund 100% of your tuition fee. Yes, really.

I don't want to take your tuition dollars if the course doesn't add value despite your best efforts.

In order to be eligible for a refund you must:

  • Attend all sessions and actively participate
  • Complete all required homework
  • Apply the Clinic feedback to your materials and search approach.
  • Attempt to schedule 20 networking conversations.
  • Apply to at least 20 jobs that fit your profile
If you show evidence that you do all of this and fail to land a single job interview, you will receive a full-refund.
Impact Careers Clinic
There's a better way to start your next social impact job-hunt.
  • $565
    Course fee
  • Powerful
    Tested techniques, hosted by job-hunt experts
  • Interactive
    Small group of fellow social impact experts.
  • Starts Soon
    Every Monday at 16:00 CET
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